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"In order to achieve something great, you'll have to sacrifice something great."

David Harley

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What does it take to be healthy?

It is common to say eat clean and workout often. Although it is that simple, other things such as your environment, mental state, and hormone levels factor in. Being healthy requires habitually making small mental and physical changes that foster growth.

What could BBQ Fit do for me?

First and foremost, support. We have a higher chance of developing unhealthy habits with the absence of a community. It truly takes a neighborhood to raise a child. With our support you could be held accountable while learning something new.

What could I do immediately to see a change?

One thing that is recommended is to meditate. People think it's sitting in a dark room uttering noises. Although that is one way of meditating, there are other forms. It comes down to focusing on each and every breath, connecting mind and body.

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